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In real life, we’ve gone full circle from people being named for their occupations, to names being hereditary, to people once again choosing their names to suit their occupation or personality.  (Or perceived personality.  Among the droves of modern witches calling themselves Morgana, I suspect there are only a few who are truly suited to the name.)

Once I even came across a surname that seemed suited to the modern era’s more common places of employment, fast food restaurants.  The name: Sackburger.
In fiction, it’s gone out of fashion to name characters after aspects of their personalities.  For the most part, modern readers frown on characters with names that are a bit too “spot-on.”  Not many writers could get away with naming a character prone to misusing language Mrs. Malaprop these days.

That’s what makes real-life instances of these names even more delightful.  Take Bernard Madoff, who’s recently been uncovered as the man behind a decade-long Ponzi scheme.  Madoff, as in “There, Officer, that’s the man who made off with my life savings.”

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