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Today feels like a good day to give something away. Soon enough, I’ll be able to reveal the cover for my upcoming novel, Lie Lay Lain. Until then, and to say welcome to the new folks following my blog, I’m going to give away two signed copies of my first novel, Last Will.

Last Will

Let’s make it an easy give away. I’ll do a random drawing for the winners out of anyone who follows my blog and comments on this post, telling me what was the best thing you ever inherited. (Open to your interpretation of “inherit.”)

That’s it. Easy peasy. If you follow my blog and comment on this post, I’ll put you in the drawing. Next Friday, I’ll pull two people randomly to win, and I’ll post about one of my favorite inherited items.


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Whew! Real Job™ has been a little crazy this week, so I’m running behind schedule. That said, the winners of an advance reader copy of Last Will have been selected:


Sarah C. H.
Anne E. J./KittyAdventures
Nikki R. H.
Liz M.
Ilana M.
Judy M.
Debra H.
Hangaku Gozen

I’m pretty sure there’s some magical way for me to pull all your email addresses from my contest platform, so I plan to send out an email to check on your mailing addresses. If you don’t hear from me by tomorrow, though, would you shoot me a message?

Now I must scurry back to Real Job™!!

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Now that I have this pile of advanced reader copies taking up space on my dining room table, I need to start giving them away. The cats said I had to, as they’re not willing to share the table with my books. So, here’s the deal. I’m giving away the twelve (12!) copies of the book seen in the following picture. That includes the top copy where I scattered cat treats to lure the cats into posing. It may smell a bit fishy, but it’s a free book! I’ll be happy to autograph the twelve copies in any way the winners see fit.

Sippy grudgingly deigns to pose with my book fort

Additionally, I’m giving away 20 bookmarks as secondary prizes.

Oooooh, book swag!

Now, there are a couple of ways you can enter, and each one gives you an additional entry. First and easiest, you can Like this blog post. Almost painless. (Unless your mousing hand cramps up, which I hope it doesn’t.)

However, if you’d like to enter the giveaway multiple times, come visit me over on Facebook.  There you can see the full array of things that will get you more chances to win. You can Like my author page on FB, follow my blog, follow me on Twitter, retweet the giveaway, and you can add the book to your to-read list on Goodreads.

The contest o-fficially begins at midnight tonight and runs for a full week.

About the book:

Bernie Raleigh fails at everything he touches. The victim of a kidnapping for ransom as a child, Bernie has spent his adult life trying to avoid being noticed. That’s impossible once he inherits his grandfather’s enormous fortune.

The inheritance comes complete with a lot of obligations, a mansion, and a problematic housekeeper named Meda Amos. Beauty queen, alien abductee, crypto-Jew, single mother — Meda is all those things, and she may also be the only person who can help Bernie survive his new and very public life.

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Two writing friends of mine are offering free give-away drawings of their Advance Reader Copies.  All you have to do is visit their blogs, comment, and you might win a free ARC of their forthcoming books.

Silver Phoenix

Silver Phoenix

Cindy Pon is giving away a few copies of her forthcoming Silver Phoenix book.  (It’s a YA book based on Chinese culture and mythology.)  Cindy demands that you tell your favorite Chinese food item to enter the drawing.

Kim Richardson is giving away copies of her book The Unbreakable Child.  Borrowing from Cindy, Kimmi requires that you offer your favorite comfort food to enter the drawing.

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