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If you’re a curmudgeon like me, you probably occasionally run into people who are so positive and friendly and sweet and helpful that you’d just like to ring their necks.

Then there are those rare people who are just so nice you can’t bring yourself to hate them, no matter how early in the morning it is, no matter how perky their cheerleading ways are.

Silver Phoenix

Silver Phoenix

Cindy Pon is one of those people, which is why it’s nice that her writing dream is coming true.  Today is the official release date for her first novel, a young adult Asian fantasy titled Silver Phoenix.  (Now I’m a little worried about the Googling fall-out of “adult Asian fantasy,” but I’ll soldier on.)  I’d be telling you all about her book here, but I haven’t read it yet.  My local bookstore just called me last night to tell me it was in, so I go pick it up tonight after work.  In lieu of that, I’ll talk a little more about Cindy.

She’s the evil genius mastermind behind the Absolute Write Purgatory thread, where a bunch of writers have been gathering for the last year to commiserate as they wait to hear from agents, editors, and publishers.  Cindy’s initial wait is over, but she goes on being supportive and helpful to everyone else who’s still in the trenches.

Here’s how nice Cindy is: to celebrate her release day she’s holding a contest to give away one of her original framed brushpaintings (and a copy of her book) or a bookstore gift card for those who aren’t fans of her work. (See what I was saying about the niceness factor?)  So, be sure to check out her contest.  And check out her book trailer.  I used to be a bit suspicious of book trailers, but now that I know how little this cost her and how amazing it looks, I think I’ve been converted.

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