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Two writing friends of mine are offering free give-away drawings of their Advance Reader Copies.  All you have to do is visit their blogs, comment, and you might win a free ARC of their forthcoming books.

Silver Phoenix

Silver Phoenix

Cindy Pon is giving away a few copies of her forthcoming Silver Phoenix book.  (It’s a YA book based on Chinese culture and mythology.)  Cindy demands that you tell your favorite Chinese food item to enter the drawing.

Kim Richardson is giving away copies of her book The Unbreakable Child.  Borrowing from Cindy, Kimmi requires that you offer your favorite comfort food to enter the drawing.

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The only thing better than getting an acceptance letter in the mail is getting an actual copy of the magazine that published your story.  Or seeing it online for the first time.

Three days in, 2009 has been a pretty fantastic month for that.  I got my copy of the new issue of Chiron Review.  As a former Kansas Quarterly intern, I’m particularly pleased with this story acceptance.  It means a lot to me to have my story published in a good old-fashioned lit mag published here in Kansas.  The story, What Girls Are For, is a much misunderstood one.  I’ve received quite a number of rejections for it that specifically cited the magazines’ policies against publishing stories for children.  Those rejections always left me stumped, as the story contains children, but is certainly not intended for them.  (I don’t think I’ve ever managed to write a story that was appropriate for anyone under 18.)  Thanks to Michael Hathaway, editor of Chiron Review.

Next up is a novel excerpt, available online through Vagabondage Press.  It’s the first chapter of a novel titled Other People’s Dead Relatives, about a women who collects vintage family photographs.  She ends up with something else entirely at an estate sale in DeSoto County, Florida.  Thanks to Fawn Neun, editor of The Battered Suitcase.

And my third publication that went “live” this month is The Worst of It, published online by Khimairal Ink.  Thanks to Editor Carrie Tierney.  I must say, also, that Khimairal Ink has one of the most amazing, accessible, and beautiful online magazines I’ve seen.  Worth a look, even if you don’t go to read my story. ;o)

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