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It was the wind

Some people left Kansas because of the wind.

Many people left Kansas when the wind blew away the soil and the soil blotted out the sun.  When death and misery became more readily available than bread and water.

My people stayed.  I don’t know if that makes them stupid, or fatalistic, or just stubborn. We didn’t leave, even when it was the smart thing to do.  We’re certainly not going to leave now.

I left when I was younger, wandered around the world, and came back to Kansas to write. It was the wind after all.  It carried dust into the house all during my childhood and turned my hair into a rat’s nest.  When I got too far away from it, though, I felt unsteadied.

As though I’d been out walking in the wind and it suddenly stopped.  As though I were going to fall down without something to oppose me.

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